Unique and handmade miniatures from the only toy soldier maker in Norway

Norwegian Royal Guard

This collection is all about the Norwegian Royal Guard. 

World War 2

This collection of Toy Soldiers is related to Scandinavian and in particular... 

I am enthusiastically devoted to Norwegian history in miniature

Tin soldiers are a way of conveying history - but in a different way than, for example, a book does. A tin soldier is history, and can serve as an inspiration for both children and adults to delve deeper into the topic the figure represents. One of the most enjoyable things I do is recreating famous personalities in miniature, both in appearance and likeness.

Sigve Solberg
Toy Soldier Maker

  • Never to old...

    "57 years of age and

    found out that you’re never

    to old to start your collection

    of tin soldiers.

    These are excellent."

    Glen, Rogaland, Norway

  • Cool King Haakon VII

    "We have become very fond of this small edition of the great king. The figure is detailed and lively, and one immediately recognizes the upright, venerable figure. Accurate and beautiful details, not least the row of medals on the uniform is impressively executed.

    Great gift!"

    Solveig, Telemark, Norway

  • Amazing quality

    "Amazing quality and detail

    in both the mold and the paintwork.

    Far surpasses anything

    I have seen from other toy soldier manufacturers."

    John, Milwaukie, USA