About Us

Norsemen Miniatures was established by toy soldier enthusiast Sigve Solberg who wanted to do something about the fact that there were no toy soldiers that represented the history of Scandinavia and Norway in particular. All the toy soldiers are sculpted by Sigve either shaped by hand in clay or sculpted digitally in 3D. The collection consists of figures from World War II, His Majesty the King’s Guard, Bergen Buekorps, Norwegian soldiers from many time periods and of course The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Some of the toy soldiers have very limited editions and some things will therefore be sold out at times - so if you see something you like, it is wise to secure a copy while it is available! Feel free to follow me on Facebook, here I will announce new figures and inform when things are back in stock www.facebook.com/norsemenminiatures .
Contact person:
Sigve Solberg, tel. 97 08 55 07
Email: sigvesolberg@hotmail.com

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