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Norsemen Miniatures

Norwegian Danish Light Infantry of 1808

Norwegian Danish Light Infantry of 1808

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The Lærdalske Light Infantry Company also known as Leirdalske Light Infanterie Compagnie was a Norwegian military unit created in 1801, first named The Leirdalske Skiløber Compagnie (ski troopers), but was renamed Light Infantry Company the following year. Light infantry (or skirmishers) are soldiers whose job was to provide a skirmishing screen ahead of the main body of infantry, harassing and delaying the enemy advance. The Lærdalske Company fought in open-order, often in close co-ordination with heavy infantry, where they could screen the heavy infantry from harassing fire, and the heavy infantry could intervene to protect the light infantry from attacks of enemy heavy infantry or cavalry. The establishment of the Lærdalske Company was not easy because a royal prerogative of the 1500s had exempted the people of the county of Lærdal from all military service. Thus it came to rebellion when they were conscripted during the Nordic Napoleonic Wars in 1807-1814. However, after much trouble the regiment was created, and the courage and effords of the soldiers from Lærdal made them one of most famous military companies in Norwegian military history. The Lærdalske Light Infantry Company took part in the battles during the war with Sweden in 1808 and 1814. In the spring of 1808 the company marched from Lærdal county to Hedmark county and took part in the Battle of Trangen and Battle on Jerpset. In 1813-1814 the company also participated as Border Guard in the capital Oslo and went into combat again during the summer of 1814.

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